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Tel. 07803 857525


Email. duffysbookings@gmail.com



Group walks

A typical group walk would be about 40-45 minutes of actually being on the walk (shorter/longer walks available on request). The walk is with other well-matched canine friends & includes pick up & drop off of your dog from your home. Dogs receive their needed exercise and stimulation, but don't get to just mess around and go crazy with other dogs, instead we encourage dogs to play well, listen to us and be aware of their surroundings.


Precious doggie cargo

If pick up is required, each dog is collected from their home by us and safely secured. Either a seat belt adjuster & harness (provided by you), or a crate is used, to carefully drive to a suitable destination for walkies. Some walks may take place near the home and therefore your dog may not always be transported. If provided by owners, dogs will wear their car harness when using a seatbelt adjuster.


On or off the lead?

If your dog has a good recall and you and us are comfortable with them off the lead, they will be let off the lead.



Depending on location, availability and the dogs, we offer one or two lunch time slots Monday to Friday, with walks roughly taking place between 11.00am and 2.45pm. If two walks, walks take place approximately 11.00am- 12.30pm and 1.30/1.45pm - 2.30/2.45pm. Pick ups are from 10.15am for the first walk and up to approximately 1.30pm for the second walk, with drop offs from 12.00pm to 3pm. Other slots are available throughout the day and at weekends.


Single walks

I'd rather be by myself thanks! If your dog isn't feeling sociable and would prefer a walk by themselves, then this too can be arranged.



N.B. For older, younger or special care dogs toilet break visits are also available. Please look at our visits page for more information.

Price List


Group walk - from £9 (if two or more dogs from the same household, each additional dog is £8)


Single walk - from £12



" There are not enough stars for how amazing the team at Duffy's are, my boy Buddy has been going for years and he loves every second he spends with the team and all the other pampered pets x"


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