How to help your dog live their best life! With Dr Isla Fishburn

Saturday, 7 November 2020 from 09:00-16:00

This talk will guide you gently in to the basic principles of cellular health and how we can have a basic understanding of this to help our dogs live their best life. It will give you an understanding of learning how to consider your dog as a whole system, an energy system and how subtle and sensitive your dog’s frequency is to modern day life.

It will guide you through the canine wellness wheel which will include how to learn about your dog as an individual, including you dog’s behaviour, emotional state and unique set of circumstances that makes your dog who s/he is.

The day will also include the importance of living as your indigenous self, your true self to not only improve how you live your best life but how your own frequency, thoughts and beliefs can affect your dog! Finally, some examples of how you and your dog can connect on subtle levels to create relaxation, calm and vitality will be given.

To book & for further information please click on the ticket link

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